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The Gunpowder Plot

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With a narrative that grips the reader like a detective story, Antonia Fraser brings the characters and events of the Gunpowder Plot to life. Dramatically recreating the conditions and motives that surrounded the fateful night of 5 November 1605, she unravels the tangled web of religion and politics that spawned the plot.

Critical Acclaim

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Winner of the St Louis Literary Award and the CWA Non-Fiction Gold Dagger

‘Antonia Fraser has written an excellent book which unravels the whole story of the plot, exploring the background, keeping close to the evidence, and, above all, bringing the characters to life . . . a judicious and very readable account’
Hugh Trevor-Roper, Literary Review

‘Every few years a work of history appears that succeeds in connecting its subject to the deeper questions troubling modern society. This is one such book’
Amanda Foreman,Independent

‘It has a fine narrative flow, for Antonia Fraser recognises that history is essentially a story, and a gripping one at that. She writes with verve and imagination’
Kenneth Baker, Daily Telegraph

‘Fraser’s meticulously researched book is an excellent read . . . Antonia Fraser has shed much light on one of the most controversial episodes in English history’
Martin Jacques, Observer